Autoconfiscation (Was Re: [rt-devel] 2.1.39: Makefile notes)

darren chamberlain darren at
Fri Oct 11 15:28:33 EDT 2002

* Jesse Vincent <jesse at> [2002-10-11 15:24]:
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 02:17:07PM -0400, darren chamberlain wrote:
> > To use it, do:
> > 
> >   $ autoconf
> >   $ ./configure --help
> Ooh. very neat. Is there a way to get configure to pick up defaults
> from, say, an existing RT config file? Pure autoconf doesn't really
> help in the upgrade case :/

Hm... autoconf will read cache files, but other than that I don't
believe it does.  How does the current process handle updgrading, other
than with explicit (and specialized) update scripts?


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