[rt-devel] Re: Subject: [rt-users] rt 2-0-15 and oracle

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Oct 17 20:28:27 EDT 2002

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 04:36:34PM -0500, Christian Gilmore wrote:
> Any plans for a DB2 port?

I've discussed this with a couple of customers and potential customers.
Every time it's gotten close to happening, the customer has ended up
just going with mysql. At one point, I talked to a couple folks at IBM,
who were going to take a whack at it, but I don't think anyone ever
actually started coding.

Is there a DB2 port to OSX these days? Pretty much everything I
actually code on these days seems to have ended up running OS X.


> Thanks,
> Christian
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