[rt-devel] Duplicate emails sent (fwd from rt-users)

Colin Henein rt at cmh.parliant.com
Fri Oct 25 12:15:00 EDT 2002

Greetings Developers,

I hope this isn't a politically incorrect move on my part, but I'm
more and more sure that this is a programming issue, rather than a
configuration one, so I hope it's appropriate to post it here. There's
been a confirming post on rt-users. 

Is it possible that RT has problems with duplicate emails under qmail?

Colin Henein
Parliant Corporation

Forwarded message:
> From cmh Thu Oct 24 16:38:34 2002
> Subject: Duplicate emails sent
> To: rt-users at lists.fsck.com
> Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:38:34 -0400 (EDT)
> Greetings RT folk.
> I'm having problems with duplicate emails being sent by RT. I've
> consulted the list archives, and although there were some solutions
> posted, none of them seem to apply to my case.
> You've been very helpful with previous questions, so I thought I'd
> throw this one out.
> I am an admincc watcher on a queue.
> If I create a ticket in that queue by emailing to the public queue
> address, then a ticket is successfully created (there is no autoreply
> on this queue).
> A second AdminCC on that queue replies (correspondence) to the ticket
> (either through the web interface or by email), and the correspondence
> is logged in RT. The problem is that I get TWO identical copies of his
> reply via email. Not one. 
> If the second AdminCC comments (not corresponds) on the ticket, I only
> get one email copy of the comment.
> If I set myself as the owner of the ticket, I get three copies of
> correspondence email from the other AdminCC, rather than just two.
> Now, previous posters on the list had problems with their scrips, but
> mine seem to match previous advice. In fact, I've further simplified
> them by removing the OtherRecipients since we're not using Cc and Bcc
> on this queue anyway. I have three scrips:
> - OnCreate NotifyAdminCcs with template Transaction 
> - OnCorrespond NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence 
> - OnComment NotifyAdminCcsAsComment with template AdminComment 
> (these are global scrips, with no per-queue scrips defined)
> My theory is that RT is generating email to me as the requestor, and
> also to me as an AdminCC, which explains why I only get the duplicates
> with correspondence. (If I'm the owner I get a third message from
> correspondence.)
> Now, I'm running qmail here, and I've looked at the qmail logfile, and
> it's revealing. It lists *one* message being generated by rt, but
> delivering that message to me two or three times.
> As I recall from my (bad old) sendmail days, sendmail will
> automatically remove duplicate email addresses in To, CC and Bcc lines
> when doing local deliveries. I believe this is a sendmail feature
> which isn't shared by qmail.
> Is it possible that RT is depending on this sendmail feature to prevent
> multiple deliveries? Are other qmail users out there seeing the same
> thing? Am I just crazy and I've misconfigured something?
> Thanks!
> Colin

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