[rt-devel] RT3: mail UTF-8 automatic conversion and GPG verification

Guillaume Perréal perreal at lyon.cemagref.fr
Mon Aug 18 06:19:08 EDT 2003

Darn, I forgot to send this mail with a real address, not the bogus one I use 
for testing :-)

Le Lundi 18 Août 2003 12:03, Guillaume Perréal a écrit :
> > >I'd love to see your changes. Also, with your changes, does RT still
> > >pass a "make regression"?
> >
> > Didn't tried yet, didn't thought to. I fear this will be interesting...
> > :-)
> Now I saw how I should include my changes to "make regression", I think I
> should add that I integrated them as *_Local.pm files, not in the core
> files.
> I join an archive of those files (in the current quite untested state) to
> this mail.
> I will try to intregate them in the distrib source to test them.
> Best regards,

Guillaume Perréal
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