[rt-devel] Marking a ticket if you were not the last user to update it

David Ross david.ross-it at aandb.scot.nhs.uk
Fri Feb 20 11:35:47 EST 2004

I have to say that RT is a great ticketing system.

The one thing that proved useful for myself was to see if I was the last
person to update a ticket or not.

My addition was to add an * next to the ticket status in the "10 highest
priority tickets I own..." table if I was not the last person to update
that particular ticket.

The only change is to insert the following:

if($session{'CurrentUser'}->Id ne $Ticket->LastUpdatedBy){
  $m->print( '<b>*</b>');

Starting at line 167 of:

This was tested in rt 3.0.8, I haven't had a chance to upgrade to 3.0.9
  yet.  I suppose it is valid change for the search results page too.

I hope you find it a worthy addition.


David Ross
Argyll & Clyde NHS

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