[Rt-devel] post-processing tickets on display

Taco Witte taco at mval.net
Mon Dec 12 12:24:24 EST 2005

Hi RT developers,

Using RT 3.4.1 I'm trying to implement a post-processing for tickets'
contents. My goal is that e.g. IP addresses occurring in tickets are
replaced by links to another system, but only when displaying the ticket
on the web (the text in e-mail etc. should remain like it is). This
improves workflow because the users don't have to copy-paste anymore.

Currently, I'm halfway. I've changed lib/RT/Attachment_Overlay.pm:Content
to prepend and append IP addresses with a magic code (allowing me to see
the difference between them occurring in tickets and in other parts of the
website), and I've changed lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm to replace IP addresses
in magic codes to links. This works, but it puts links where they
shouldn't be (like when commenting on a transaction and in messages sent
by e-mail).

Does anybody have an idea how to do this in a cleaner way? I suppose this
kind of post-processing could be useful for other people as well. Maybe it
even exists (although I couldn't find it).

Kind regards,

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