[Rt-devel] post-processing tickets on display

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Thu Dec 15 17:54:55 EST 2005

I think there's a solution to what you're trying to do:


Bye, Rolf.

Taco Witte wrote:
> Hi RT developers,
> Using RT 3.4.1 I'm trying to implement a post-processing for tickets'
> contents. My goal is that e.g. IP addresses occurring in tickets are
> replaced by links to another system, but only when displaying the ticket
> on the web (the text in e-mail etc. should remain like it is). This
> improves workflow because the users don't have to copy-paste anymore.
> Currently, I'm halfway. I've changed lib/RT/Attachment_Overlay.pm:Content
> to prepend and append IP addresses with a magic code (allowing me to see
> the difference between them occurring in tickets and in other parts of the
> website), and I've changed lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm to replace IP addresses
> in magic codes to links. This works, but it puts links where they
> shouldn't be (like when commenting on a transaction and in messages sent
> by e-mail).
> Does anybody have an idea how to do this in a cleaner way? I suppose this
> kind of post-processing could be useful for other people as well. Maybe it
> even exists (although I couldn't find it).
> Kind regards,
> Taco
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