[Rt-devel] LDAP Authentication module does not place users under "Everyone"

n.chrysandreas at albourne.com n.chrysandreas at albourne.com
Tue Nov 24 03:48:08 EST 2009

>That is called the SelfService interface, which is where Unprivileged
>users are directed when logging in to RT.  You may want to read in the
>wiki about the types of users

Thanks! Didn't know about the SelfService interface. 
But this means that we are not able to grant unprivileged users any other rights that we would like (example : CreateOwnDashboard, CreateSavedSearch,CreateTicket,EditSavedSearches,ReplyToTicket,SeeOwnDashboard,ShowSavedSearches etc)

So if I got this right privileged users have the normal interface and the unprivileged users get the SelfService interface. However, whatever right I give to 'Unprivileged' group the SelfService interface will not change. 

Thanks again for the help

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