[rt-users] Web Interface Doesn't Work

Barnett Hsu hsub at softhome.net
Tue Mar 14 00:08:22 EST 2000

At 04:32 PM 3/10/2000 +1100, Charlie Brady wrote:
> > I never expected to have permissions problems --
> > permissions were set by the Makefile and I didn't
> > change any permissions until after I got the
> > "Internal Server Error" pages.  Considering the
> > scripts were setuid, I would have thought there
> > wouldn't be any permissions problems...
>Are you sure that the setuid is working? You aren't mounting via NFS are
Well, in my case, this turns out to be what was wrong.
The partitions were local partitions, not NFS.  However,
it turns out the partition where the scripts were at
was mounted with the nosuid option.  (oops...)

After my boss remounted the partition without the nosuid
option and I ran "make fixperms" to get rid of the
permission changes I made trying to fix the problem,
RT works perfectly.  We've now switched from the
software we were previously using over to RT.

Thanks all for the help.

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