[rt-users] Help... moved RT and now lost message bodies!

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Jul 5 22:43:10 EDT 2001

They're different users and may have different default environments.
This is one of the larger design screwups in RT 1.0.x

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 12:35:00PM +1000, Teo de Hesselle wrote:
> Jesse wrote:
> > 
> > is the timezone on the two systems set the same?
> > 
> Okay... you've obviously been here before... when I use the web, it
> creates it using yesterday's date, and displays fine. If i move Jul/6/* to
> Jul/5/*, they display fine also.
> Now I just have to work out where this incorrect timezone info is coming
> from...
> What is the difference in the method used by the web and the mailgate? 
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