[rt-users] enhanced mailgate-install procedure

Daniel Koo dank at bulletproof.net.au
Thu Jun 13 00:34:47 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 23:49, Andre Esser wrote:
> After that it worked, I could set some values by ticketcreation.
> But I can't set the priority or final-priority.
> If you know something about this it would be wonderful if you let me know.

You just need to make this change to enhanced-mailgate (was going to
submit this as a patch but had started working on non-RT projects, and
forgot all about it. oops.).

--- enhanced-mailgate.old       Thu Jun 13 14:19:47 2002
+++ enhanced-mailgate   Thu Jun 13 14:30:35 2002
@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@
                            Owner => $values->{'owner'},
                            TimeWorked => $values->{'timeworked'},
                            TimeLeft => $values->{'timeleft'},
-                           Priority => $values->{'priority'},
+                           InitialPriority => $values->{'priority'},
                            FinalPriority => $values->{'finalpriority'},
                            Due => $values->{'due'},

Then you can use these pseudo-headers:
RT-Priority: 30
RT-FinalPriority: 90 

(note the lack of a '-', I'm guessing this is probably why the final
priority was not being set for you even though the original code works


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