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Matt Disney matthew.disney at fedex.com
Tue Jun 18 17:39:54 EDT 2002

I opted for the "not everyone gets an account" approach. I use a guest
account from a custom web form for users to create tickets. When a user
goes to the form, if they aren't already logged in, they get logged in
as guest. And guest isn't privileged, but can access all the forms I've
created for ticket submissions.

I'm not sure what your needs are, but that may be an alternative that's
interesting to you. It's not necessarily less work than creating the
passwords, but for my site it was better for the users.

Also, they should be able to login and click on Preferences to change
their password, unless I've missed something.


Randy Millis writes:
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>Subject: Re: [rt-users] Web Access for users?
>From: Randy Millis <rmillisl at enel.ucalgary.ca>
>Date: Tue, June 18, 2002 12:36 pm
>To: <rlpowell at digitalkingdom.org>
>> On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 12:14:32PM -0600, Randy Millis wrote:
>>> > Regardless, accounts with no password are automatically created when
>>> > a person submits a ticket.  To give them a default password you have
>>> > to hack one of the files
>>> So the uses is supposed to be able to enter just their e-mail address
>>> in the Web UI login, leave the password field blank and be able to
>>> login?
>> Normally the account is created by sending e-mail to RT for a ticket.
>> If that's not feasible, I think you need to create the accounts by
>> hand.
>The accounts are created automatically. That works. If I set their
>password once created they can log in. I have 850 users though. :-) I'm
>sure I can hack the appropriate .pl file to set a default password. I
>think someone sent me a message on where to find this.
>How hard would it be to generate a random password and e-mail it to the
>user? Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?
>There does not seem to be a way for them to change their password in the
>web UI one they logged in. Is this the case? Any thoughts on how can I
>deal with this?
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