[rt-users] Some questions regarding RT

Wouter Prins wouter.prins at null0.nl
Sat Mar 4 07:30:45 EST 2006

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 08:26:37AM -0600, Duncan Shannon wrote:
> Hi Wouter-
> > 1.) Can RT be integrated when the primary mailserver is on M$
> Exchange? Or
> > is a *nix based mta needed? (can't help it :))
> Im not familiar with anyone doing this. It prob. Depends on on the
> specifics on what you want to do.
> We have accounts helpdesk at domain.com that are in exchange, that forward
> off to helpdesk at myrtserver.domain.com 

I will do the same for this then! :)

> > 
> > 2.) When having multiple queue's and incoming email is always coming
> in
> > into one queue (so staff can update the ticket info to be complete,
> before
> > a techie starts working on it):
> > - When transferring the ticket from the incoming queue to another
> queue,
> > we would like to be able to send out a request to supply several steps
> of
> > information from the requestor. I managed to do this using the default
> > conditions (on status change, on queue change); however it mostly
> happens
> > these status changes already take part when working on the ticket. :)
> What
> > is the best way to achieve the above? I read about the user-defined
> > actions but i cannot find a lot of examples regarding this on the
> mailing-
> > list and the wiki.
> Can you clarify what is already happening and what you want to have
> happen?  We changed RT to send an email to requestor when the ticket has
> been assigned a user. I would imagine that if you want to move the
> ticket to a different queue, and kick off an email to them requesting
> information via template, you could.

1.) ticket is coming into the general queue
2.) helpdesk staff is completing the ticket accoring to contract and blablabla
3.) helpdesk staff moves the ticket from general queue to another queue
4.) when the ticket is coming in to the other queue, it should send out a message to the requestor for basic information. i would like to happen this for only one time! (The ticket might appear in other queue's while working on the ticket, it should not be the case that when this ticket comes back into the queue the info is requested again.)

I hope this is clearer :D

> > 
> > 3.) I also read about creating additional status's; is it still not
> > encouraged to use in RT3.4.5? How do you work around it? Create
> additional
> > queue's or add custom fields to the tickets?
> > The main reason for this is that we dont want tickets to "disappear"
> when
> > it is stalled.
> They don't need to disappear.. change your searches to included stalled
> tickets.  You could create a stalled queue, I guess. You could also play
> around with custom fields to see if that gets you anything.

clear. :)

> > 
> > 4.) When i have a custom field in a ticket (another ticket number) i
> want
> > this additional ticketnumber to be in the subject of all email going
> out
> > of RT. How can i accomplish this?
> > 
> So you have a custom filed that the value is another ticket, and you
> want o include the value of the custom filed in the subject?  I'd guess
> this is possible somehow, but its beyond my RT know how.  
> Certainly try the wiki and searching the mailing list archives. There is
> lots of good info out there.

Yup; did not find anything as of yet.
> > So far RT looks very nice!
> > 
> It truly is.
> > I hope someone can answer these questions. :)
> > 
> I hoped I helped at least a little bit :)

It did; a little ;)

> Duncan


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