[rt-users] Image display brokenish after upgrade (3.4.4 -> 3.6.1)

Marlier, Ian ian.marlier at studentuniverse.com
Tue Oct 10 13:21:03 EDT 2006

Hi, all --

I'm working on upgrading an existing 3.4.4 install to 3.6.1.  It's gone
very smoothly, save one issue that can I find no mention of in the list
archives, on the wiki, or elsewhere.

After upgrading, images don't display properly.  They appear severely
pixilated, to the point that they're meaningless.  For example:
* http://tallape.org/images/rt-upgrade/image1-old.png is an image
displayed via the RT-3.4.4 image display code; 
http://tallape.org/images/rt-upgrade/image1-new.png is the same image
displayed with the RT-3.6.1 image display code

* http://tallape.org/images/rt-upgrade/image2-old.png is displayed with
the 3.4.4 code;
http://tallape.org/images/rt-upgrade/image2-new.png is the same image
displayed with the 3.6.1 code.

I did find this note in the RT-3.6.0 release notes, that might be
"Cleaned up the way we were opening files in the image autohandler,
including setting binmode and flushing the buffers to prevent loading
the entire file into memory."

That said, even if it is relevant, I can't find a way to alter the

Has anyone else experienced this issue, who might have pointers on
resolving it?  

Alternately, anyone have suggestions for ways to debug what's happening?
Even with "Set($LogToSyslog, 'debug');" nothing useful is appearing in
my logs...


- Ian

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