[rt-users] Fwd: db upgrade rt 3.0.7 ->rt 3.6.5

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Mon Dec 10 08:09:50 EST 2007

>From the README:

7   If you're upgrading from RT 3.0 or newer:

     Read through the UPGRADING document included in this distribution.
     It includes special upgrade instructions that will help you get this
     new version of RT up and running smoothly.

     As a user with permission to install RT in your chosen installation
     directory, type:

       make upgrade   

     This will install new binaries, config files and libraries without
     overwriting your RT database.

     Update etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm in your RT installation directory.
     You'll need to add any new values you need to change from the defaults
     in etc/RT_Config.pm

     You may also need to update RT's database.  To find out, type:

       ls etc/upgrade

     For each item in that directory whose name is greater than
     your previously installed RT version, run:

       /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --action schema \
           --datadir etc/upgrade/<version>
       /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --action acl \
           --datadir etc/upgrade/<version>
       /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --action insert \
            --datadir etc/upgrade/<version>

     Clear mason cache dir:
       rm -fr /opt/rt3/var/mason_data/obj

     Stop and start web-server.

It's all laid out in a pretty straightforward manner there.

Floor Verschure wrote:
> Hello, 
> We are running RT 3.0.7 RC1 for a lot of years now. While the world
> evolved it's to upgrade our RT server as well. 
> I've installed a new RT server build on CENTOS 5 and the RPM install,
> database is mysql.
> In the upgrade directory there are no upgrade scheme's for RT 3.0.7 rc1
> The first update scheme I see is 3.1.0
> Does this mean that there is no upgrade possible?
> Can anybody tell me if there were changes between the 3.0.7. rc 1 scheme
> and 3.1.0?
> And can anybody please point me in the right direction?
> Greetings, 
> Floor Verschure. 
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