[rt-users] Problem with outgoing mail

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Wed Dec 12 09:18:54 EST 2007

Hello Keith!

I think the problem is maybe the fact that the mail protocol
has two sender. The first is the envelope sender, "the real one",
the second is the body "From:" where you can write whatever you
think is a good idea. The first on is something like
"apache at machine.domain.xx", the second one is what you set
as configuration in RT.

What I suspect is that your postfix config is not set up in the
right way.
Try to send as root s simple mail 'mail -s "testme" you at youdomain.xxx'
Look if this mail is send, if not you have to look for
the postfix config. I expect that you try to send the mail directly
to the customer, but most mta wont accept mails from unknown
servers directly. So you should send them to a relayhost, maybe
your company mta, or your isp mta

hope this helps!


On Di, 2007-12-11 at 13:42 -0500, Keith wrote:
> I'm trying to set RT up on a test server so I can evaluate it for my
> job. I've got it all installed and working except for sending outgoing
> mail. I've got Postfix installed as my MTA and it works fine itself as
> far as I can tell. But when I send messages to the domain of what will
> most likely be the customers receiving mail I get back: 
> 450 4.1.8 <user at localhost>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found
> (in reply to RCPT TO command))
> user at localhost is the user that RT is running as (changed to that
> because I don't want to send my server info out to the whole list).
> I've got $CorrespondAddress and $CommentAddress both defined, and
> email addresses defined for each queue as well, including the General
> queue that all incoming mail goes to. When I look at the Outgoing mail
> in RT from the Ticket information, it has the correct From: and Reply
> To: email addresses in the header information. But the Postfix
> mail.log is saying that the From: address is my user at localhost
> address.
> I've done a test with Postfix logging in locally with telnet, setting
> the From: and To: addresses to exactly what they should be coming from
> RT and the mail goes through fine. So the fact that my test server
> isn't the actual domain that the email is coming from isn't the
> problem. This won't be the case on the live server either. Postfix
> will be on the machine solely as a means for local programs to send
> mail. 
> It's something in the way RT is sending the mail as far as I can tell
> that's causing the problem. Anyone able to assist with this?
> Keith
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