[rt-users] Problem with 'Top N tickets' links on 'RT at a glance' page in 3.8.1

David Good dgood at willingminds.com
Fri Sep 5 13:03:45 EDT 2008

I'm seeing an odd problem with the 'Top N tickets' links ('N highest 
priority tickets I own' and '10 newest unowned tickets') on the 'RT at a 
glance' page in RT 3.8.1.  On the 'RT at a glance' page itself tickets 
show up as they should but when I click on the link for the search (i.e. 
click on the '10 highest priority tickets I own' link) I get a 'Found 0 
tickets' page.  When I click on the 'Edit Search' link, it kicks me into 
'Advanced' and I get an error in the 'Results' section:

Wrong query, expecting a OPERATOR in 

And the text in the Query textbox is similarly URI-escaped.  If I fix it 
manually and click 'Apply' I then get the "Edit Search" page and if I 
click the "Update format and Search" button on that page I then get the 
results I was expecting.  But if I then go back to the Home page and try 
the same link again I get the same problem.

The really odd thing is that the 'Bookmarked Tickets' link on the 'RT at 
a glance' page works fine.

Here is the link URI for the 'N highest priority tickets I own' link:


and here's the one for the 'Bookmarked Tickets' link:



David Good

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