[rt-users] Blank Web page when clicking on some queues in RT3.8.1

Chris Nelson cnelson at delivra.com
Mon Sep 8 14:52:36 EDT 2008


I'm sorry for being such a newbie. I've searched all over and can't seem to
figure out how to enable logging. I went into RT_SiteConfig.pm and added
these lines:

Set($LogToFileNamed , '/opt/rt3.8/etc/rt.log');
Set($LogToSyslog  , 'debug');

Then I changed the permissions for rt.log to be -rw-rw-rw. I added a line at
the top of the file: #started on 9/8/2008. I then restarted apache. Playing
around inside the interface produces nothing in that file. I'm not sure I'm
doing it right.

Thanks for your continued patience!

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 1:11 PM, Chaim Rieger <chaim.rieger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Chris Nelson wrote:
>> Thanks for the response. I can't find the file called rt.log. I've done a
>> locate for it and it doesn't show up - might it be called something else? (I
>> would not have changed it's default value on purpose).
> rt.log is only created is you tell rt to log to a specified rt log file
> set it up to debug to /rt/install/path/var/log/rt.log
> in RT_SIteConfig.pm
> restart apache
> then do a few operations and post what the log has to say
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