[rt-users] Approvals in 3.8.2

Alex Young alexyoung at scoutsolutions.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 05:46:26 EST 2009

I had the approval system working in 3.8.1, but for some reason it no
longer works in 3.8.2 as expected.


If a new ticket is created in our approval queue "Management Approvals"
it sends out a normal ticket email, not the approval email.


In the "Management Approvals" queue there is a scrip:

When an approval ticket is created, notify the Owner and AdminCc of the
item awaiting their approval
              $self->TicketObj->Type eq 'approval'   and

              $self->TransactionObj->Field eq 'Status'         and

              $self->TransactionObj->NewValue eq 'open'   and

              eval { $T::Approving = ($self->TicketObj->AllDependedOnBy(
Type => 'ticket' ))[0] }


I had a look at the ___Approvals queue to see if it had changed, to find
no Scrips at all. There were some updated templates, which I copied over
to "Management Approvals".


I know a small change was listed in the change log for 3.8.2; has this
impacted my system?


Anyone have a clue why the approvals don't work as expected? I don't
think they are being marked as an Approval either, as they just show up
as a normal ticket and not in the Approvals page.

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