[rt-users] Autocreated on ticket submission - Quert Builder

Bashir Jahed bashir.jahed at nha.co.za
Fri Feb 20 02:08:05 EST 2009

I have just removed all privileges for the "Everyone" group and the
"Privileged" group has no rights assigned but still no luck.

Really baffled by this one.

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	What Mike was telling you is that if the "BOTTOM" box is checked
for a 
user, they can have privileges. This means that if you grant the 
"OwnTicket" right globally to Privileged users, then all these 
requestors that send in tickets via email will have the right to OWN a 
ticket, hence they appear on the drop-down. So, you can do a couple 
different things to resolve this.
	1) Uncheck the bottom box on these Users. This could turn out to
be a 
long, ongoing process unless you can set your RT_SiteConfig.pm file to 
allow them to become unprivileged users only (Top box checked ONLY). I'm

not sure what that setting is, perhaps Mike knows.
	2) Remove the Global settings for "OwnTicket" and perhaps others
"TakeTicket", "StealTIcket", "DeleteTicket", etc.  from Privileged Users

or "Everyone" and  grant those rights to groups of users. That way 
privileges are more defined in who can do what and your queries will run

MUCH faster as well.
	Hopes this helps.


On 2/19/2009 6:37 AM, Mike Peachey wrote:
> Bashir Jahed wrote:
>> I have done the following:
>> Checked for a specific user in the search box as owner to confirm it
>> shows up. Then went into the specific user and unchecked
>> Control/Let this user access RT" checkbox and confirmed that the user
>> longer shows up in the search box in the "Owner Field"
> Because that user is now disabled and is unable to raise tickets from
> that e-mail address..

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