[rt-users] Passing date variables as dates from the CLI

Chris Herrmann chris.herrmann at faredge.com.au
Tue Feb 1 04:20:46 EST 2011

Hi Kevin,

Thanks, yes I'm running it from a bash script which in turn is called from cron and the variables are substituting correctly, and I got my first automated rt queries last night on schedule :) . Next up is creating some more scheduled jobs that run through on a daily basis or maybe more often and look for content such as ****SPAM**** and deleting these, or auto-resolving tickets that are notifications about successful backup jobs that require no attention, for example.

If anyone would like copies of the various scripts (bash wrapper + rt query + cron wrapper to run on the last day of the month) email me off list and I'll send you a copy.


Chris Herrmann
Far Edge Technology

p. 02 84251400
m. 0403 393309

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