[rt-users] New action and ticket status

Craig Ringer craig at 2ndquadrant.com
Sun Jul 28 21:45:15 EDT 2013

On 07/26/2013 06:03 PM, Asanka Gunasekera wrote:
> Hi, I am using RT 4 and I my magement wants me to add new status and a
> action to say "Waitng on Customer to respond" I am trying this using
> LifeCycles but I am getting no ware.

We used to just use "stalled" for that, but I recently reconfigured our
system to use RT4 lifecycles. We landed up using a separate custom field
for waiting on customer/support, with a scrip that auto-sets it to
"waiting on: support" when a customer replies.

Doing it with a separate custom field allows you to track the
next-replier independently of the ticket status, so if you have a real
ticket workflow you don't have to try to jam waiting on customer/support
into that.

So: Yes, lifecycles should work fine for the purpose, and they do work
just as the documentation describes. For the particular use case you're
describing it might be better to set a custom field up for it instead.

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