[rt-users] Couldn't find Ticket for reminder XXXXX Please contact administrator. AFTER 3.8.1 to 4.2.5/6 upgrade

Lists lists at lolling.org
Mon Jul 21 11:58:03 EDT 2014


I have been working on upgrading our production RT 3.8.1 install to RT 
4.2.6 and am almost ready to deploy to production.  The only issue I am 
having is after the upgrade process, when I log in I am seeing missing 

As I posted earlier, I was originally trying to do some database cleanup 
and pruning before the database upgrade but found it was not necessary 
at this point.  So the only things I have done, are move/rename the rt3 
database to rt4 and run make upgrade-database.

While the errors do not seem to be show stoppers, I would like to know 
if I can do something to fix these errors (recover the reminders) or do 
something to clean the errors up so after the upgrade, our users are not 
greeted with errors when they log in.



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