[rt-users] Permission causes wrong search-results

Eierschmalz, Bernhard Bernhard.Eierschmalz at scheppach.com
Thu Jun 30 06:39:57 EDT 2016


I'm using RT 4.4.0

I found the following problem:
I have a custom field "category" with settings "select one value". There are 5 possible values.

I build a search for all tickets like the following
Queue = 'General' AND Owner = 'Nobody' AND 'CF.{category}' != 'one'

I found that the search results ignore the part CF.{category} != 'one' and shows all tickets, no matter which category.
I tested with CF.{category} = 'one' and this works - it shows all the ticket with category 'one'

I used the same search with root-user, and it always works as expected - so I thought this would be a problem with permissions.
My default-user has the following permissions on this queue:
"general rights" --> all
"Rights for Staff" --> all but "delete tickets" and "forward messages outside of RT"
"rights for Administrators" --> no permissions

My next try was changing the permissions of the custom field.
I found out that, as soon as the user has the permission "General rights" --> "view custom fields" on the "category"-Custom field, the search is working as expected.

So in short:
Search on the CF with = operator works always,
Search on the CF with != operator works only, if the user has "view custom fields" permission on the custom field.

So I have a possible solution now, but I would like to understand how this error occurs. Is this a bug or a feature?

Best regards
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