[Rtir] Custum Fields in Incident queue

John Green j.green at ukerna.ac.uk
Tue Nov 4 10:25:36 EST 2003

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 02:41:52PM -0000, Ruediger Riediger wrote:
> Hi RT-IR teams,
> we are currently evaluating RT-IR to fit our work flow management in 
> place. To do so, we need to apply "Custom Fields" to some queues. While 
> this worked well for "Incident Reports", I am not able to access the 
> custom fields in the queue "Incidents". I can search for them, so I know 
> they are there, but they are neither "Displayed" nor "Edit"able...
> How can I display/edit the custom fields of this queue?
> BTW: "Investigations" seem to have the same problem...

I guess this is because Incidents have a lots of customised html
to show the children.  Both in RTIR/Incident/Display.html and Edit.html.
They therefore do without showing all custom fields, and call each
one by name.

Doesn't look too hard to add your own custom fields to this html, for
the fields you wish to display, although the neater would be to display
all the custom fields with a call to ShowCustomFields, although
this may produce duplicates.  

Not sure why Investigations has the same problem, looks the same as
Incident Reports from what I can see.


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