[svk-users] Best way to exclude files from a svk push

Steven Murdoch svk+Steven.Murdoch at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Oct 21 09:07:12 EDT 2007

I'm currently using svk to work on a subversion repository which I
have commit access to, but which is offline. The svk
mirror,sync,pull,push cycle is working fine.

However, I make two types of change -- some which are relevant to my
own environment and should never be pushed, and others which should be
sent back to the main repository. What is the best way to manage this?

Ideally I would like version control on both types of changes, so I
can still check in changes to files which are not to be pushed.
However, if this is too much of a problem, I could drop this.

I tried only committing changes which I wanted pushed, but there were
two problems. Firstly, if I ever forgot to specify a file to commit,
they all were, including the ones I didn't want. Secondly, I didn't get
any version control on the other files.

I also tried smerge'ing some files, but this didn't work. It looks
like smerge only works checking in entire trees, not individual files.

Is there some branching trick I am missing which will be a neat
solution to what I want?


w: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/sjm217/

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