[Bps-public-commit] rt-extension-assets annotated tag, 1.02rc1, created. 1.02rc1

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Wed Oct 15 15:04:13 EDT 2014

The annotated tag, 1.02rc1 has been created
        at  af7129c6577b21626039f2db8dc5946ac66e9f79 (tag)
   tagging  5c377658e8b3c43ab6409266837571225e5359a4 (commit)
  replaces  1.01_1
 tagged by  Alex Vandiver
        on  Wed Oct 15 15:02:11 2014 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 1.02rc1
Version: GnuPG v1


Alex Vandiver (10):
      Update documentation which misleads about LimitToGlobal
      Merge branch 'search-for-unset-cfs'
      Merge branch 'assetsearchformat-example'
      Merge branch 'bulk-update'
      Loading initialdata with Assets in plugins still requires loading RT::Asset
      Ensure that "add" and "remove" are placed on the same line, even after single roles
      Localize, using the same locstring as RT does
      Support adding multiple space-separated assets at once
      Merge branch 'download-tsv-label'
      Version 1.02rc1 releng

Kevin Falcone (5):
      LimitToGlobal brings in Ticket CFs
      Support the NULL value for Custom Fields
      Include global cfs in the TSV, as well as Basics and People boxes
      Merge branch 'global-custom-fields'
      Show a sample of the hashref syntax for AssetSearchFormat

Ruslan Zakirov (5):
      missing tds
      change AddRoleMember* argument name
      $type is overloaded, rename var so meaning is more clear
      fix adding/removing watchers in bulk update
      implement "remove all watchers of this type" in bulk update

Wallace Reis (1):
      Rename label for the link of TSV download


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