[Bps-public-commit] RT-BugTracker branch, 4.2-4.4-compatibility, repushed

Brian Duggan brian at bestpractical.com
Wed Mar 8 13:34:11 EST 2017

The branch 4.2-4.4-compatibility was deleted and repushed:
       was e1fc23c845d2cfa7f714c8af9ce8fdb256327e71
       now 4728c1c90aa643db61ef4f1da6eb67280bc7ffc8

 1:  714e8c4 =  1:  714e8c4 Update BPS copyright
 2:  bb7c538 =  2:  bb7c538 Update Makefile and POD for 4.2 and 4.4
 3:  11d8416 =  3:  11d8416 Rename html/NoAuth to static
 4:  51f3168 =  4:  51f3168 Migrate deprecated template uses to current
 5:  169b609 =  5:  169b609 Add distro name regex config, replace explicit CPAN regex
 6:  abbfd48 =  6:  abbfd48 Use RT::BugTracker Elements, not RT::BugTracker::Public Elements
 7:  c4f0a1e =  7:  c4f0a1e Use WebDomain instead of hardcoded rt.cpan.org
 8:  321b19f !  8:  297c3d7 Add Severity, Broken in, Fixed in CFs to initialdata
    @@ -69,24 +69,9 @@
     +=head2 Custom Fields: Severity, Broken in, Fixed in
    -+RT::BugTracker creates three custom fields with empty values for each
    -+distribution. By default, they apply to tickets in every queue.
    -+If there are non-distribution queues in the BugTracker RT instance,
    -+the administrator must apply each of these CFs to each distribution
    -+queue instead of globally.
    -+The BugTracker administrator must populate the values of each of these
    -+custom fields.
    -+For now, the values for each of these custom fields apply to every
    -+distribution queue. If there are distributions with different release
    -+versions, the BugTracker administrator must add the values for each of
    -+them to both 'Broken in' and 'Fixed in'. Every value will be available
    -+on tickets created in every distribution queue.
    -+In a future relese, BugTracker will make it easier for the
    -+administrator to base these values on specific distribution queues.
    ++RT::BugTracker creates three custom fields on queues, globally, with
    ++empty values. The BugTracker administrator must populate the values of
    ++each of these custom fields.
     +=head3 Severity
 9:  e1fc23c < --:  ------- Update distribution files
--:  ------- >  9:  10465fb Add general BugTracker functionality and setup documentation.
--:  ------- > 10:  4728c1c Update distribution files

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