[Bps-public-commit] RT-BugTracker branch, 4.2-4.4-compatibility, repushed

Brian Duggan brian at bestpractical.com
Wed Mar 8 14:31:31 EST 2017

The branch 4.2-4.4-compatibility was deleted and repushed:
       was 4728c1c90aa643db61ef4f1da6eb67280bc7ffc8
       now 27011a6d6a6910555269d2864f5089238f767f8a

 1:  714e8c4 =  1:  714e8c4 Update BPS copyright
 2:  bb7c538 =  2:  bb7c538 Update Makefile and POD for 4.2 and 4.4
 3:  11d8416 =  3:  11d8416 Rename html/NoAuth to static
 4:  51f3168 =  4:  51f3168 Migrate deprecated template uses to current
 5:  169b609 =  5:  169b609 Add distro name regex config, replace explicit CPAN regex
 6:  abbfd48 =  6:  abbfd48 Use RT::BugTracker Elements, not RT::BugTracker::Public Elements
 7:  c4f0a1e =  7:  c4f0a1e Use WebDomain instead of hardcoded rt.cpan.org
 8:  297c3d7 =  8:  297c3d7 Add Severity, Broken in, Fixed in CFs to initialdata
 9:  10465fb !  9:  457b41a Add general BugTracker functionality and setup documentation.
    @@ -31,19 +31,15 @@
     +RT::BugTracker adds a new F<Distribution> menu with options to search
     +and browse distributions. User and group rights apply normally to
     +queues through the Distribution menu search options.
    --=over 4
     +Users can search distributions by maintainer through F<Distribution >
     +Search>. Maintainers are the AdminCc users and groups for
     +the distribution.
    --=item Each queue associated with one package (distribution).
     +The search functions under the F<Distribution> menu return lists of
     +matching distributions. List items include a link to the bug list for
     +the distribution.
    --=item Queue's AdminCc list is used for maintainers of the
    --coresponding distribution.
     +Bug list search results include columns for C<Severity>, C<Broken in>,
     +and C<Fixed in> custom fields. The C<Configuration> section, below,
     +describes how BugTracker administrators can configure these custom
    @@ -52,9 +48,10 @@
     +The bug list search result page includes a link to the distribution's
     +C<Manage> page. Distribution maintainers and BugTracker admins can set
     +various attributes of the distribution here.
    -+=over 2
    + =over 4
    +-=item Each queue associated with one package (distribution).
     +=head2 Distribution notes
     +These notes appear at the top of the distribution's bug list.
    @@ -67,7 +64,9 @@
     +to the email addresses configured here.
     +=head2 Subject tag in addition to default
    +-=item Queue's AdminCc list is used for maintainers of the
    +-coresponding distribution.
     +STUB: The additional subject tag is currently broken in 4.2/4.4. BPS will document this functionality when it is fixed.
10:  4728c1c = 10:  27011a6 Update distribution files

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