[HTTP-Recorder] Article / code mismatch?

Marc Mims marc at questright.com
Fri Jun 11 22:37:17 EDT 2004

I must be missing something.  I read the "Web Testing with
HTTP::Recorder article at:

I created a script directly from the source in the article:


    use HTTP::Proxy;
    use HTTP::Recorder;

    my $proxy = HTTP::Proxy->new();

    # create a new HTTP::Recorder object
    my $agent = new HTTP::Recorder;

    # set the log file (optional)

    # set HTTP::Recorder as the agent for the proxy
    $proxy->agent( $agent );

    # start the proxy


Running it generates the error message:

   Can't locate object method "file" via package "HTTP::Recorder" at
   ./http-recorder line 12.

I worked around that by providing a the file option to the
HTTP::Recorder constructor:

   my $agent = new HTTP::Recorder(file => "/tmp/myfile");

That works, and I get the expected output in the log file.

But I've had no success attempting to access the HTTP::Recorder
Control Panel:

   500 Can't connect to http-recorder:80 (Bad hostname

The article says: See Configuration Options for more information
about setting up the control URL.  However, the link to Configuration
options is a dead link:

Surely I'm missing something.  I've seen messages on the list
containing the original script from the article with every indication
that it is working.  What might I be missing?


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