[HTTP-Recorder] Article / code mismatch?

Ivan Pechorin ivan at pechorin.com
Sat Jun 12 04:11:06 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-06-12 at 06:37, Marc Mims wrote:

> The article says: See Configuration Options for more information
> about setting up the control URL.  However, the link to Configuration
> options is a dead link:
> http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2004/06/04/recorder.html#config

Try one-page version of the article:


link to Configuration should work with it:


> Surely I'm missing something.  I've seen messages on the list
> containing the original script from the article with every indication
> that it is working.  What might I be missing?

I think, you are using version 0.02 of HTTP::Recorder and the article
describes version 0.03_01, marked as "Developer release" on CPAN.

You should install it manually:


Ivan Pechorin

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