[HTTP-Recorder] Sorry for my slow responses...

Linda L. Julien leira at mit.edu
Mon Jun 14 21:57:05 EDT 2004

Hi folks,

Thanks you all for using HTTP::Recorder.  I discovered just a couple
of days ago that I'd been dropped from the mailing list when the
host's server had some problems, and then I promptly left town on a
business trip.

When I get back to a place with a real net connection (this bluetooth
phone is great, but it sure is slow), I'll get started on answering
all of your questions.

In short, yes, 0.03_01 is the latest version, and is significantly
better than 0.02.  I recommend that you use that, and I'll bump the
version number (so it's not listed as a developer release) as soon as
I get a chance.


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