[HTTP-Recorder] HTTP::Recorder OK! Question about Javascript, though...

Roland Giersig RGiersig at cpan.org
Tue Jun 15 08:17:47 EDT 2004

HTTP::Recorder will record all traffic between client and server, so 
even sites that make heavy use of JavaScript for user navigation should 
be recordable.  The only thing that can cause problems is if a form is 
submitted via JavaScript instead of the <Form> tag, as the JavaScript 
URL won't have the extra parameters attached.  From what I see from the 
code, HTTP::Recorder does its best and logs it with GotoPage instead of 
FollowLink, so it isn't as fault-tolerant upon replay as the regular links.

How did you test this?  Note that a whole website (eg a webshop) could 
be implemented in only one JavaScript page, but the important thing for 
replay is: at some time the JavaScript has to send (POST) the data 
entered by the user to the server, and this will be recorded by 

Hope this helps,


McMahon, Chris wrote:
> Hi... 
> 	I read the documentation wherein it says "HTTP::Recorder won't
> record Javascript actions", but I wonder-- it seems like Javascript
> should produce *some* interaction with the server that would be visible
> to the proxy and thus to HTTP::Recorder.  
> 	But apparently that is not the case.  I've tested this several
> ways.  I would really like to know why that is, if anyone on the list
> could supply an answer or a direction for study. 
> 	-Chris  
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