[HTTP-Recorder] Problem with https recording

Linda L. Julien leira at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 12 13:19:33 EDT 2005

Hi Lew,

Lew E. Lefton wrote:
> The http://http-recorder/ url comes up fine and I enter a secure site
>  URL (say https://www.math.gatech.edu ) into the "Goto page" box. The
> log shows the secure site as an $agent->get action but then no other
> traffic is recorded while interacting with the site.

I suspect the problem isn't the HTTPS at all, but rather that you're
following one of the JavaScript links, or an image map on one of the
subsequent pages.

The JavaScript isn't something I can fix any time soon -- until
WWW::Mechanize or some other playback module can play it back, it
wouldn't be useful for me to be able to record it.

Image map support would be possible to add.  I've added a ticket for it
at https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=14554

If you tell me exactly which links you were trying to follow, I could
look into it in more detail.  I successfully recorded the following, but
those were normal links, not js or image maps:

$agent->follow_link(text => 'People News/Announcements', n => '1');
$agent->follow_link(text => 'people ', n => '1');


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