[Pushmi-users] Pushmi build

David Bremner bremner at unb.ca
Thu Feb 14 08:35:27 EST 2008

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Craddock <Peter.Craddock at coasolutions.com> writes:

    Peter> [1 <multipart/alternative (7bit)>] [1.1 <text/plain;
    Peter> us-ascii (quoted-printable)>] I have built pushmi in the
    Peter> past with no problems but I now need to build on ubuntu and
    Peter> this to me should be fine.
    Peter> All seems ok except SVN::Core does not appear to be on CPAN
    Peter> is there any other way of getting this package.
Try installing libsvn-core-perl from apt/synaptic; at least that works
on debian.  

I have also made packages for debian, but just as I was typing this I
realized they depended on a private version of memcached.  I will post
a followup when I have an apt-gettable package again; maybe this


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