[Pushmi-users] Please, I need help...Authentication issues

David Bremner bremner at unb.ca
Wed Mar 5 14:34:07 EST 2008

>>>>> "Leif" == Leif Canfield <leif.canfield at adayana.com> writes:

    Leif>   Thanks for trying to help me David, I really appreciate
    Leif> your time.  If I'm understanding you correctly then I must
    Leif> have something configured wrong, because when I run 'pushmi
    Leif> sync' I can only get it to pull changes from the other
    Leif> server.  Hence, I set up two repositories to mirror each
    Leif> other, and after making a commit to one I would run sync on
    Leif> the other to bring them up to date.  It never gives me any
    Leif> errors if the other repository is a lower rev., how can I
    Leif> fix this? 

I am not the expert, but hopefully someone will correct me if I mispeak.

In pushmi there is a master repository and one or more slave
repositories.  Changes are pushed from a slave to the master by the
hooks that you can't seem to get running.  svn commit invokes some
script as a hook, which copies the changes back to the master. pushmi
sync copies changes from the master to the slave.  An often suggested
model is to run pushmi sync in a cron job every 5 minutes.


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