[Pushmi-users] Please, I need help...Authentication issues

Leif Canfield leif.canfield at adayana.com
Wed Mar 5 14:02:06 EST 2008

d> I'm not sure what you mean here.  You need an SVN repository that you
d> mirror with pushmi. The server with the repo does not need pushmi.  It
d> shouldn't hurt to have it installed, but mirroring an already mirrored
d> repo would probably cause havoc.

  Thanks for trying to help me David, I really appreciate your time.  If I'm understanding you
correctly then I must have something configured wrong, because when I run 'pushmi sync'
I can only get it to pull changes from the other server.  Hence, I set up two repositories to
mirror each other, and after making a commit to one I would run sync on the other to bring
them up to date.  It never gives me any errors if the other repository is a lower rev., how
can I fix this?
  Also, I can't get 'pushmi runhook' to work in the pre-commit script, do you have
any clue what it does?
Thanks a Million!
Leif Canfield

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