[Rt-commit] rt branch, 4.4/show-assets-action-menu, repushed

Dustin Graves dustin at bestpractical.com
Thu Jun 23 15:49:27 EDT 2016

The branch 4.4/show-assets-action-menu was deleted and repushed:
       was 792a9521d6dce086df16b45267f6309e47ebadec
       now 19b90f0c880fde27b452dfda72421ebf3e3f1e6b

1:  755042f = 1:  755042f refactor RT menu building logic into own library module
2:  a3a6fd5 = 2:  a3a6fd5 refactor asset menu logic into own function
3:  59e85e6 = 3:  59e85e6 pass %ARGS to BuildMainNav and BuildSelfServiceNav
4:  214e52a = 4:  214e52a replace repeated calls to HTML::Mason::Commands::Menu() with $top variable
5:  21e58a7 = 5:  21e58a7 replace repeated calls to HTML::Mason::Commands::PageWidgets() with $widgets variable
6:  3033fd3 = 6:  3033fd3 replace repeated calls to $HTML::Mason::Commands::session{CurrentUser} with $current_user variable
7:  af2fc0a = 7:  af2fc0a replace repeated calls to HTML::Mason::Commands::PageMenu() with $page variable
8:  9436557 ! 8:  6859056 define a new calling convention for menu building functions
    @@ -2,7 +2,11 @@
         define a new calling convention for menu building functions
    -    passing $request_path, $top, $page, and %ARGS to each for consistency
    +    passing request path, top menu, widgets, page menu, and %ARGS to each
    +    this allows for more submenu functions like _BuildAssetMenu and
    +    _BuildAssetMenuActionSubmenu as well as being able to call
    +    _BuildAssetMenuActionSubmenu on an empty menu
     diff --git a/lib/RT/Interface/Web/MenuBuilder.pm b/lib/RT/Interface/Web/MenuBuilder.pm
     --- a/lib/RT/Interface/Web/MenuBuilder.pm
9:  792a952 = 9:  19b90f0 add asset display menu actions to ShowAssets template

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