[rt-devel] Re: SetEnvelopeTo

Charlie Brady charlieb at aurema.com
Thu Apr 6 22:43:17 EDT 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Jesse wrote:

> Cool!
> Perhaps, SetRecipients should take
> %args = ( To => undef,
> 	  Cc => undef,
> 	  Bcc =>undef,
> 	  EnvelopeTo => undef);
> and do the right thing with setting envelope-to to the sum of To,Cc and Bcc.

Why? Setting envelope-to to a union of To, Cc and Bcc is precisely what
any RFC822 compliant MTA does, so why should we duplicate it? OTOH, if we
are managing the envelope-to, then why do we need Bcc, since the MTA will 
delete that header, and ignore the others?


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