[rt-devel] un-merging?

Marion Hakanson hakanson at cse.ogi.edu
Fri Apr 7 15:10:32 EDT 2000


A quick scan of archives (subjects, anyway) didn't show this topic
as having been discussed earlier, so here comes an "enhancement request":

Please make it possible to un-merge requests.  Our queue operators
sometimes merge into the wrong item, and it would be really nice if
(with admin privileges) we could un-do the damage.

In the old "Req" system it was possible to do so (with care) by using a
text editor on the merged text file.  It looks like with RT-1.0 it could
be done by judicious SQL hacking, but one runs a large risk of leaving
the database in an inconsistent state.

Could it be as simple as "rolling back" the changes to the effective
serial-number field, making it once again match the serial-num field?
Naturally one would want to leave an "unmerge" transaction in both
of the resulting requests.  And of course all bets are off when a
multiple (nested) merge has taken place, unless one takes the trouble
to parse the chain of transactions.

Anyway, it would sure be handy here (:-).


Marion Hakanson <hakanson at cse.ogi.edu>
CSE Computing Facilities

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