[rt-devel] Rt and Oracle

Stiansen, Per Sverre per.sverre.stiansen at caa.no
Tue Apr 11 07:49:03 EDT 2000


Some time ago I asked if it was possible to use Oracle instead of MySQL with
RT. Is there any progression on this area? How is the MySQL database
integrated with RT, is it SQL commands from within the specific Perl script
with the Perl DBI?
The reason why I ask is that we need to create a database to track what we
call System Anomaly Reports, System Trouble Reports, System Change Request
and so on. We already have an Oracle environment and want to develop an
Intranet system based on Oracle. If it was possible to use RT together with
Oracle there could be a tremendous advantage in creating tickets based on
email and so on. The ticket could be initiated through mail and detail
information added at a later point with web interface.

Per Sverre

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