[rt-devel] [fsck.com #23] (RT 2.0 Projects) Saving and sharing searches

Tobias Brox via RT rt-2.0-projects at fsck.com
Thu Apr 13 07:40:50 EDT 2000

I think that searches is representable as URLs, and easily can be stored and
administrated outside RT, i.e. as bookmarks or a static web page.

This has been discussed up and down earlier - unfortunately I have forgotten
the arguments for not having search/filtering options stored outside RT. 
Maybe somebody can refresh me?

Further on, I think that more user-options (i.e. what columns to show in the
listing view, listing order, maybe choosing a different set of
templates/elements, etc) also might (and maybe should?) be transferred within
the URL.

Well. Maybe it might make sense to also allow some of the options to be set
either through cookies or DB preferences.  Anyway, it's at least not something
I want to priority. :)

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