[rt-devel] Re: [fsck.com #23] (RT 2.0 Projects) Saving and sharing searches

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Apr 13 10:36:27 EDT 2000

Basically, it comes down to being a "Checklist item" when we're compared
with commercial packages. It's not "high priority" and it wouldn't hold up 
the 2.0 release if it wasn't working, but it's a nice feature to have RT
manage the lists of frequently used seaches.


On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 07:40:50AM -0400, Tobias Brox via RT wrote:
> I think that searches is representable as URLs, and easily can be stored and
> administrated outside RT, i.e. as bookmarks or a static web page.
> This has been discussed up and down earlier - unfortunately I have forgotten
> the arguments for not having search/filtering options stored outside RT. 
> Maybe somebody can refresh me?
> Further on, I think that more user-options (i.e. what columns to show in the
> listing view, listing order, maybe choosing a different set of
> templates/elements, etc) also might (and maybe should?) be transferred within
> the URL.
> Well. Maybe it might make sense to also allow some of the options to be set
> either through cookies or DB preferences.  Anyway, it's at least not something
> I want to priority. :)
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