[rt-devel] A couple quick questions

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Thu Apr 13 14:06:44 EDT 2000

Hello Jesse,
	A couple quick questions involving the install process.
It makes the most sense to me to have the user create the DB2 database and
tablespaces, so that he can decide if he wants system or database managed
tablespaces, etc.  Also, if the DB server is on a another machine, it also
makes sense to make the use catalog the remote instance locally.  (DB2
cannot do remote connects, you have to install a small DB2 instance on the
local machine, which does nothing but relay data back and fourth between
itself and the server, so it makes all DB2 calls to localhost as far as the
API in concerned)

Does that seem to work with you?
There are just far too many variables in how people like to set up their
databases for me to want to do that part in the Makefile/initdb scripts.
Creating the tables, on the other hand, would be very easy to work once the
empty database is created.

Let me know if this seems to jive with your idea of the userfriendliness of
RT and I'll start working on getting 1.3 to at least create the table in my
DB server.


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