[rt-devel] Linking actions (for 2.0)

Rouillard, John RouillardJ at brevard.cc.fl.us
Mon Apr 24 13:36:26 EDT 2000

Rrouilj says:
> > I used to be in your camp Jesse, but I think Tobias's scheme of stalling
> > BASE has some merit. Stalling means: "don't work on this ticket until
> > something changes". So it implies that new transactions shouldn't be
> > to that ticket, instead they should be added to the tickets created as
> > targets of the DEPENDSON links.
> >
Jesse said:
> Except that's not always true. Sometimes you can do some work 
> on a ticket with 
> unresolved dependenices.  Anyway, by having this in the 
> scrips system, it becomes site configurable.


> > Also, if it can be done through a script, then its a non issue. The
> > (if s/he wants it stalled) simply puts the DependsOn script in place
> > stalls the base ticket. See below for another possibile way to handle
> > Which should be the default, I'll let you two battle over. BTW just what
> > does the API for the Scrips (is that a typo? should it be Scripts?)
> No. it's scrips. the API is currently "in the code" exclusively, 
> though it will get documented as we get closer to release.

Ok. Guess I'll have to wait.

> > I'd argue for a monolithic script. They can always write the big script
> > call subscripts and exec the subscripts.
> >
> We've got a handle on it and a more elegant way to do this, I believe.

Ok, can you sketch an outline of how it works? I don't believe I have seen
anything on that cross the mailing list.

> > Interesting. I'm actually hoping to have a better 
> > > interinstance communication
> > > story at some point in the future. But the auto-linking could 
> > > be quite cool. what links were you thinking of?
> > 
> > How about something like:
> > 
> >   RemoteRTLinkMail
> > mailto:rt at mailhost?[RT%20#74]:%20this%20is%20a%20ticket%20subject
> > 
> > then mail could be used (granted the email gateway will have to be
> > a bit) to do remote manipulation etc. Similiar links could be set up
> > 
> >   RemoteRTLinkWWW
> > http://remotehost/rt/webrt.cgi?serial_num=104&display=History
> > 
> > and
> > 
> >   RemoteGnatsLink 
> > 	mailto:gnats at mailhost?[gnats%20subject%20line%20with%20tag]
> >

No. not for RT anyway. there will be real interfaces for inter-instance

Hmm, interesting. How do you get around the need to embed passwords in the
inter-instance communication with the remote [my]sql server? Or would the
user just authenticate at the time of contact?

-- rouilj

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