[rt-devel] Linking actions (for 2.0)

Rouillard, John RouillardJ at brevard.cc.fl.us
Mon Apr 24 13:47:39 EDT 2000

Brandon S. Allbery said:
> On Monday, April 24, 2000 11:16 AM -0400, "Rouillard, John" 
> <RouillardJ at brevard.cc.fl.us> wrote:
> +-----
> | > > <BASE> DependsOn <TARGET>
> | > >
> | > > ...meaning that TARGET has to be resolved before BASE (really) is
> | > > resolved.  A stalled BASE should be reopened when TARGET is
> | > > When "spawning" a new TARGET i.e. through the web interface, the
> | > > should be stalled (if it's open).
> | > >
> | > I'd sort of rather that we not use "Stalled" for that, but that we
> | > actually figure out what tickets are dependent on a given
> | > ticket at runtime.
> |
> | I used to be in your camp Jesse, but I think Tobias's scheme of stalling
> | the BASE has some merit. Stalling means: "don't work on this ticket
> | something changes". So it implies that new transactions shouldn't be
> +--->8
> The problem with this is, how do you determine when to un-stall the
> Currently, any non-comment communication unstalls it (and this is quite 
> useful); either this would need to change or a hierarchy of rules for 
> un-stalling tickets would need to be developed.

I'm comfortable with unstalling the ticket if it receives a direct email.
What that means is that the owner of the ticket should pay attention to it
Even if the attention is nothing more than to restall the ticket and wait
for the
resolution of the Target ticket to unstall it.

A similar question occurs for merge links. What happens when email is sent
to the BASE ticket of a merged ticket? Where does the transaction occur? In
the BASE ticket of the mergelink or the target ticket of the mergelink? I
can see arguments for both sides. From the requestors point of view, it
should probably be put into the BASE ticket
since that is the one that s/he will know about. From the owners point of
view I can see an argument for putting it into the target of the mergelink.
Arguably the transaction should be stored once and linked into both tickets
so the info is available from either ticket.


-- rouilj

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