[rt-devel] Problem with mail-interface

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Wed Dec 6 05:36:49 EST 2000


we are currently in the process of evaluating if rt will fit our needs.
We got the webinterface working and functional, but the mail-interface
is not working. We have some queues, where the names consist only of
alphabetic letters and no extra-chars. We also changed the configuration
so that non-members are allowed to create request in the queue. Now we
set up exim according to the exim-documentation in contrib and exim
hands the email correct to rtmux.pl and rt-mailgate. But now we have the
problem, that if I send mail to an alias which calls rtmux.pl, I get a
mail back that I'm not allowed to create request. With some debugging
of the perl-code we noticed that the variable queues in
can_create_request is not set and we assume that therefor the system
won't allow anyone to create request. We tried to ask Jesse for help,
but he's currently busy and suggest to ask here, if someone could help
us, with getting the mail-interface to work. We use here Exim 3.16 and
webrt 1.0.5. Is this bug specific to this version, so that we should try
to upgrade? Or how can fix this bug, so that we can really start using

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