[rt-devel] Re: Problem with mail-interface

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Mon Dec 11 09:51:31 EST 2000

On 00-12-06 Christian Kurz wrote:
> we are currently in the process of evaluating if rt will fit our needs.
> We got the webinterface working and functional, but the mail-interface
> is not working. We have some queues, where the names consist only of
> alphabetic letters and no extra-chars. We also changed the configuration
> so that non-members are allowed to create request in the queue. Now we
> set up exim according to the exim-documentation in contrib and exim
> hands the email correct to rtmux.pl and rt-mailgate. But now we have the
> problem, that if I send mail to an alias which calls rtmux.pl, I get a
> mail back that I'm not allowed to create request. With some debugging
> of the perl-code we noticed that the variable queues in
> can_create_request is not set and we assume that therefor the system
> won't allow anyone to create request. We tried to ask Jesse for help,
> but he's currently busy and suggest to ask here, if someone could help
> us, with getting the mail-interface to work. We use here Exim 3.16 and
> webrt 1.0.5. Is this bug specific to this version, so that we should try
> to upgrade? Or how can fix this bug, so that we can really start using
> webrt.

I send this question last week to rt-devel and received no helpful
answer. This time I'm resending it with an explicit Cc to rt-users,
maybe some one on the -users lists can help me fix this problem. If I
don't find a solution till Monday next week, we'll drop webrt and have
to try rng, as my colleagues won't give me more time to get webrt
running. (And I really would like to use webrt as I know it and quite
like it. :)

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