[rt-devel] Bugzilla Integration Status

Wade Burgett wadeb at burgettsys.com
Tue Jul 25 03:35:14 EDT 2000

    I have been doing some integration of bugzilla,rt and some other
things for one of my employers (I am a contractor) - its simple right
now, just user info and passwords.  However I may be doing some work for
them that involves a deeper integration of the systems (transfering rt
jobs into the bugz db and perhaps back).

    I am thinking that if I get this contract I can contribute some to
the Bugzilla integration protion of rt.

    The only thing I could find relating to bugzilla was in the
config.pm file (at bottom of message), which implied that only stubs for
integration exist.  Wanted to verify that this was true and seek some


Wade Burgett
wadeb at burgettsys.com

# {{{ RT Linking Interface
# A hash table of convertion subs to be used for transforming RT Link
# URIs to URLs in the web interface.  If you want to use RT towards
# locally installed databases, this is the right place to configure it.
# (TODO!)
     'fsck.com-rt' => sub {warn "stub!";},
     'mozilla.org-bugzilla' => sub {warn "stub!"},
     'fsck.com-kb' => sub {warn "stub!"}

# A hash table of subs for fetching content from an URI
     'fsck.com-rt' => sub {warn "stub!";},
     'mozilla.org-bugzilla' => sub {warn "stub!"},
     'fsck.com-kb' => sub {warn "stub!"}

# If you want to use those, ask at rt-devel or to tobix at fsck.com for
# advices.

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