[rt-devel] Bugzilla Integration Status

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue Jul 25 05:17:42 EDT 2000

>     The only thing I could find relating to bugzilla was in the
> config.pm file (at bottom of message), which implied that only stubs for
> integration exist.  Wanted to verify that this was true and seek some
> advices.

This is in RT2.  I can tell that we do have some sort of linking locally
between our Bugzilla and our RT2 instance - however, most of this is done
in our Bugzilla, the local Bugzilla administrator has made a separate 
table for relating rt-tickets with bugzilla-bugs.  I might try to ask him
for some patches if it's interessting.

I'll send my config.pm privately to you, you might probably figure out
what's the bugzilla integration and what isn't.  The FAQ-thing is another
nifty feature our support department can't live without; whenever they get
a frequently asked question, they just enter a tag for the wanted reply,
and the frequent answer will be inserted right into the message sending
form - unfortunately it's currently a hack that is only working locally.

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